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Tungsten Heat Shield for Sapphire Growth Furnace

tungsten sheet and sapphire

Tungsten heat shield is also known as tungsten heat shield sheet, and is to keep the temperature inside tungsten crucible and prevent outside people from hurt. Tungsten heat shield is made of tungsten sheet wigh purity over 99.95%. Tungsten sheet is very large and its surface is bright or alkaline cleaned.

The production process of tungsten heat shield in the sapphire growth furnaces is using tungsten powder by hydrostatic compaction and sintered at high temperature to prepare ungrounded tungsten plate. Besides using in sapphire growth furnace, tungsten sheet can also used in vacuum parts of the electric light, and vacuum coating containers.

Tungsten heat shield used in sapphire growth furnaces can be made by hot rolled and cold rolled. Its material, tungsten sheet, can be used in other fields, such as electronics, and vacuum. Tungsten heat shield provides good heat shield use for the application of sapphire crystal growth furnace.

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