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Tungsten heater for Sapphire Growth Furnace

Tungsten heating system is very important in the process of growing sapphire. Tungsten heater is used to up the temperature of the sapphire inside the tungsten crucible. Tungsten heater, used as a part of sapphire growth furnace, owns the properties of high efficiency, good temperature uniformity, stable quality, long life. Using tungsten heater can heat and keep the inside temperature for tungsten sapphire growth furnace.

tungsten heater and sapphire

The picture above is to show a kind of tungsten heater used in the sapphire growth furnace, which is made of tungsten wire or small tungsten rod.

Tungsten heater used as tungsten heating element and made of tungsten wire, a major use of tungsten in the sapphire growth furnaces. Besides tungsten wire can be used in other fields, such as high temperature furnace tube of the hot sub-composite ribs. Most of them are used for the production of incandescent and halogen filament and gas discharge lamp electrodes. Mainly used in the production of coiled incandescent filament, the power tube cathode and support structures, high temperature furnace heating elements and metal processing, evaporation source. Coarse tungsten wire specifications, straightening, surface treatment, and cut into a number of rod-like, widely used in the glass to metal sealing elements in lighting and electronics industries.

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