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Sapphire Growth Method - Kyropoulos Method

Kyropoulos Method

Kyropoulos method can be shorted as KY method. This method is the first to propose to grow crystals in 1926.later on, it is widely used in the production and research of large-size crystal halogen, hydroxide and carbonate crystals. In 1960s and 1970s, it is improved by former Soviet Union Musatov for the production of sapphire crystals.

The single crystal grown by Kyropoulos method is always shaped like a pear. Its crystal diameter crucible can grow to less than the inner diameter of the small size of 10 ~ 30mm. The principle is similar to Czochralski method. Firstly, heating raw material to the melting point molten metal melt, then a single crystal of the seed (Seed Crystal, also known as seed rod) to contact the molten metal surface, began to grow on the seed crystal and solid-liquid interface and the molten metal single crystal of the same crystal structure seed, seed to a very slow speed pulled up. After then, the seed crystal will be pull up to a height and form a crystal neck, the molten metal solidification rates and stable interface seed, the seed will not pulling up, but nor make the rotation. But only the controlling of the cooling rate of the single crystal is gradually solidified from the top down, and finally solidified into a whole monocrystalline.

Kyropoulos is the use of temperature control crystal growth, it is the biggest difference Chaishi crystal pulling method is only pulled crystal neck, crystal body part is relying on the growth of temperature change, less interference pulled up and rotated, the better process control and pulling neck while adjusting the heater power, the molten material to achieve the most suitable crystal growth temperature range, so that the growth rate to achieve the best technology, the best quality and thus grow a single crystal sapphire. The main features of this method:

1) In the course of the entire length of the crystal, the crystal is not made crucible, it is still in the hot zone. This allows precise control of its cooling rate, reducing thermal stress;
2) Crystal growth, the solid-liquid interface in the melt siege. Such a melt temperature of the surface disturbance and mechanical disturbances before reaching the solid-liquid interface can be reduced so that the elimination of the melt;
3) Selection of soft water as the working fluid within the heat exchanger, with respect to the use of helium as the coolant heat exchange method can effectively reduce the cost of experiments;
4) The presence of crystals of the crystal growth process moving and rotating, susceptible to mechanical shocks.

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