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Tungsten for Sapphire Growth Furnace

Tungsten for sapphire growth furnace is for its unique properties, especially for its high melting point and high temperature resistance. Porducts of tungsten for sapphire growth furnace includes tungsten crucible, tungsten plate, tungsten sheet, tungsten cover, tungsten wire, tungsten heater, tungsten heat shield, tungsten electrode screen and tungsten rhenium. And tungsten rhenium wire is not pure tungsten products, but mixing tungsten with rhenium. The most widely used one is with 25% rhenium.

tungsten crucible and sapphire sapphire furnace led and sapphire

Tungsten for sapphire growth furnace is steel-gray to tin-white hard metal and it is very brittle, which is difficult to be processed. The manufacturing techniques of tungsten are forging, swaging and extrusion. The melting point of tungsten is 3415 ° C. The corrosion resistance is the unique property of tungsten, most of the inorganic acid erosion is can not influence tungsten. Tungsten products will be formed on the surface of a layer of protective oxides in the air, but will be completely oxidized at high temperatures.

Sapphire is an alumina (alpha-Al2O3) single crystal, also known as corundum. The sapphire crystals with excellent optical properties, mechanical properties and chemical stability, high strength, hardness, resistance to erosion, can be work under adverse conditions close to the high temperature of 2000 ℃, which is widely used in infrared military installations, satellite space technology, high-intensity laser window materials, its unique lattice structure, excellent mechanical properties, good thermal properties of sapphire crystal the practical application of semiconductor GaN/Al2O3 of light-emitting diodes (LEDs), LSI SOI and SOS and superconducting nano-structured thin film is the most ideal substrate material.

Sapphire single crystal sapphire growth furnace is designed to nurture Kyropoulos. This method is used the raw materials (aluminum oxide) tungsten crucible to be heated to its melting point of 2050 degrees or more, and then gradually reduced the melting temperature and the crystallization into specific granules. The growth furnace is constructed in a closed mold in the insulation with a special shell, lid and heater. Therefore tungsten products are used for growing sapphire crystal.

Tungsten is widely used in the sapphire growth furnace is because tungsten for sapphire growth furnace owns the properties of high temperture resistance, which will not melt with sapphire.

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