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Molybdenum Seed Chunk for Sapphire Crystal Growth Furnace

Crystal seed chunk
The seed crystal of seed chunk is a single crystal growth on the seed, also called the seed crystal. Do with different crystal seed to seed, will be different from the crystal to single crystal.

molybdenum seed crystal chuck

Properties of molybdenum seed chunk
■ Obtained from single crystal Central dislocation, no damage, no stress part, material positions and have enough distance to the tail, and no cutting damage.
■No injuries, no cracks
Specifications of molybdenum seed chunk
diameter length 
φ12.5mm 140-150mm 
φ13.5mm 140-150mm 
φ17.5mm 140-150mm 
 Specifications of Rectangle molybdenum seed chunk
Width& Length, Thickness 
10mm*10mm 100-120mm 
12mm*12mm 100-120mm 
14mm*14mm 100-120mm
Grade of techinical statistics P / N 
Resistivity 1-6 Ω.CM 
Crystal orientation 
Tolerance of crystal orientation<15 
Content of C < 1PPMA


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