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Sapphire Application - Infrared Transparent Window

In 1800, Herschel, the English astronomer, found infrared ray first. The research of this ray is coming after 200 years in Infrared Physics, Infrared Optical Materials, Infrared Optical System, Infrared Detector, Infrared Spectroscopy, and the application in military has been the most widely, such as American "Sidewinder" Missiles in 1950s, Airborne Infrared Scanner in 1960s, Common Components Infrared Camera in 1970s and infrared focal plane arrays based military equipment and space infrared reconnaissance, early warning technology in 1980s.

Therefore, the materials for infrared transparent window needs to be high qualified, and should meet the basic requirements as following:
1)High mechanical strength: infrared transparent window material should have sufficient strength, so that it can withstand the high-speed movement of the pressure load.
2) High thermal stability: can withstand the impact of aerodynamic heating and high temperature caused by the change, transmittance and refractive index by the temperature changes.
3) High chemical stability: the material is exposed to the air, so that the material should be able to prevent salt solution or etching gas corrosion, and should not be easy deliquescence
4) High optical transmittance: can efficiently transmit the ultraviolet to the infrared radiation
5) High optical properties: small optical scattering and good refractive index
6) Meet requirement of large size window


Sapphire is a wonderful material that can meet all the above requirements. It is suitable for television, infrared imaging and radar. Furthermore, it can meet the high requirement of hypersonic missile wave-transparent. And this is why sapphire has become an excellent choice for high-speed fighter in advanced countries, missiles and other medium wave infrared transparent window material.

In order to produce high quality sapphire, the requirement for its growing furnace, esp. the crucible is very high. Tungsten and molybdenum crucible used to grow sapphire is with high purity, and high temperature resistance, which can assure the quality of sapphire under high temperature.

If there is any other question refer to tungsten crucible for sapphire growth furnace, please feel free to contact us through the following methods:
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