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Sapphire Growth Method-Edge-defined Film-fed Growth (EFG)

Sapphire Growth Method-Edge-defined Film-fed Growth (EFG)

The above picture is to show the growth principle of edge-defined film-fed growth method. First put raw material into the fluid which carried by tungsten crucible. Heating by the heating coils, and melting the raw material, then using the mold to smooth the material on the surface of the mold by applied Capillary action, so that a thin film will formed. Follow on, the sapphire seed is brought into the fluid, and connected with the thin film. And the thin film will crystallized the same structure as sapphire seed. The seed will be pulling up slowing, and growing slowing.

The fluid will provide thin film enough raw material and because the film is restricted by the mold, but feed the raw material for thin film growing, therefore, the method is called edge-defined film-fed growth.

Detailed description of the crystal growth methods permitting one to obtain complicated shape crystals from the melt is given. The variable shaping technique allows growth of crystals with a discrete altering cross-section configuration during crystallization. So is the EFG Method.

The effects of the heat transfer environment in Edge-Defined Film-Fed Growth on melt/solid interface shape and lateral dopant segregation are studied by finite-element analysis of two-dimensional models for heat and mass transfer. Heat transfer configurations are studied that correspond to the uniform surroundings assumed in previous models and to low- and high-speed growth systems. The maximum growth rate for a silicon sheet is calculated and the range of validity of one-dimensional heat transfer models is established. The lateral segregation that results from curvature of the solidification interface is calculated for two solutes, boron and aluminum. In this way, heat transfer is linked directly to the uniformity of the product crystal.

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