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Sapphire Grow Method-Vertical Horizontal Gradient Freezing (VHGF)

Vertical horizontal Gradient freezing method is shorted for VHGF method, which is a method used for producing large quantity sapphire crystal. This technique is a vertical temperature gradient cooling system based on the law, and the use of VGF grown GaAs crystal rods, low potential density can reach high quality crystal rods. VGF is divided based on the law, the combination of the horizontal temperature gradient cooling process, this way, can long grain size (diameter and height) and long-grain shape is relatively unrestricted.

Chunks of polycrystalline, produced by horizontal synthesis, are placed in a crucible with a seed crystal of the required orientation. The crucible is then placed vertically in a furnace and a temperature gradient is moved up the length of the crystal (away from the seed).

Single crystal growth propagates from the seed crystal and, because the crystal forms in the shape of the crucible, diameter control of the ingot is relatively simple.

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